This is Brown Rectangle’s team as you know it is named after BR meaning that BR is the team leader but for some reason Strawberry had to run possibly due to BR’s armless disabilities. The first member eliminated in the team is Red Circle (he is coincidentally also the first to win a prize). This is also one of the two opposing teams on Shape Battle. They are broken into individual play as Candy, Nickel, Puffball and Tissues are no longer contestants. Strawberry and Brown Rectangle are currently up for elimination, one of them might be leaving next.

NOTE : HRM is highest ranking member, LRM is lowest ranking member

Team Brown Rectangle
Welcome to Team Brown Rectangle!

Members still in

Brown Rectangle, Strawberry, Red Circle, Round Square, Green Ball, Gold Square, Candy, Tissues, Puffball, Nickel




Red Circle (16th place)


Brown Rectangle


Red Circle