Shape Battle is a competitive reality television created by the one and only PDDRMAnimationPro or simply Pearce. It has currently aired 4 episodes in the first season and is currently on a hiatus, while waiting why not vote for Bottle Cap, Brown Rectangle, Cracker, Green Pentagon, Orange Rectangle, Strawberry and Tokey despite being up for elimination.


See Elimination Table

Contestants Rank Episode Eliminated Merging Status
Blueberry/Yoyleberry Top 15
Bottle Cap
Brown Rectangle
Gold Square
Green Ball
Green Pentagon
Indigo Triangle
Orange Pentagon
Orange Rectangle
Round Square
Red Circle 16th Episode 4 ( Hide And Get Caught ) Non-Merge
Grey Hexagon 17th Episode 2 (The BOW)

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Shape Battle is inspired by BFDI made by Jacknjellify. Like most object shows especially Inanimate Insanity was inspired by BFDI making BFDI the first object show ever made!

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