• Pearce is the creator of Shape Battle. He was inspired by BFDI, Michael and Cary Yiming Huang’s (Jacknjellify) work. Pearce’s youtube channel name is PDDRMAnimationPro. Red Circle is his favorite character in Shape Battle though he might be upset despite his elimination. He made few animation tests to test his animating skills and they usually involve Grey Hexagon or Red Circle.
  • he was born on

Characters Voiced By PearceEdit

  1. Blue Circle
  2. Bottle Cap
  3. Brown Rectangle
  4. Grey Hexagon
  5. Orange Pentagon
  6. Orange Rectangle
  7. Red Circle
  8. Tokey
  9. Round Square


  • Pearce has voiced the most characters at 7 but has not voiced 10 others
  • He made an audition to be an Inanimate Insanity crew here’s the link :

http://yout.ube/k-Kpxt1JTSo [ORIGINAL / OLD] or http://yout.ube/eUivYqKZMMP [RETRY, PENDING]

  • Pearce also animated 100dx’s show