Orange Rectangle’s new appearance (episode 3A). His body weirdly expanded O_____O

Orange Rectangle
O Rectangle
Voiced by: Hugheseypoop



Episode Eliminated

Episode 3A : Time’s Going Slow (returns in episode 4, currently unknown)


Grey Diamond, Indigo Triangle, Tokey, Dollar, Grey Hexagon, Microphone, Round Square, 3d Cube, Brown Rectangle, Blue Circle (enemies at some point)


Everyone (mainly Red circle (Arch Rival),Gold Square, Red Rectangle, Bottle Cap, Green Ball, Yellow Triangle, Orange Pentagon, Strawberry and Green Rectangle)






TBA (eliminated in episode 3A by mistake)

Date of birth

December 28, 2008

Orange Rectangle is a male contestant of Shape Battle and is a formerly eliminated contestant, rejoining due to a mistake in episode 3.


Orange Rectangle became friends with Tokey and Dollar kick Red Circle got eliminated probably because Red Circle hates Dollar. He is the first returnee of the season. Despite being one of the main antagonists of the show he seemed to be also dumb and a fun-lover. (hurting Round Square’s feelings twice). However Orange Rectangle is also easily angered making him unpopular by most of the contestants of Shape Battle. because he really hates Red Rectangle.

Team Bottle Cap!
Jigsaw Pizza Tokey Ice Cream
Orange Pentagon Indigo Triangle Bottle Cap Green Rectangle
Team Brown Rectangle!
Blue Circle Strawberry Brown Rectangle Red Circle
Gold Square Green Ball Round Square Puffball
Nickel Tissues Candy
Blueberry/Yoyleberry Green Pentagon Grey Hexagon Cracker
Orange Rectangle Plum Yellow Triangle
  • Orange Rectangle was formerly the lowest ranking rainbow colored eliminated (considering rejoining) Red Circle became the lowest ranking rainbow colored contestant.
  • He was the only enemy of Orange Pentagon
  • He was also the only friend of Grey Hexagon
  • PDDRMAnimationPro (Pearce) revealed that he eliminated Orange Rectangle to give Red Circle a chance to be nice