Number 5 is a male contestants of Top Stickmen





Enderdragon (actually stickman)


Number 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 15, Pax


Number 1, 6 (one-sidedly), 8, 9

He adopted a MMOMonster and called it Pax, he is one of the competitive competitors though here not to make friends but made some.


episode 1, Number 5 is seen to have been working really hard to win but ended up placing 2nd last and seemed to be very bad at cliffhanging. In the bottom 6 him and Number 4 was declared safe due to being nice contestants

episode 2, Most of the time finding the switch to shrink the stone that Number 2 swallowed took some time until Number 4 helped him find the switch and they both win and was safe from elimination.

episode 3, he was held by Number 4 and took a move on and carried Number 6 later his team won despite Number 10 expressing his true courage (due to being a shy guy)