Number 2 is a female contestant in Top Stickmen.





Enderdragon (basically Stickmen)


Everyone not listed below


Number 1, 12, Pax (episode 2)

Voiced by


She was a kind, friendly and curious (unfortunately forgetful). Despite being usually confused she is really helpful in contests though really loves candy which makes her really energetic and weird as usually mentioned by Number 1 the nerdy nerd nerd.


the first contest, she placed 6th which is 3rd last and is not a bad or good score for the first challenge.

the second contest, she did not do much but was declared safe from elimination despite swallowing an explosive rock which could kill her in seconds (actually it took 41 seconds to officially deactivate that thing)

the third contest, she was whining about how long she had not eaten candy And number 1 was annoyed and decided to kick her to carry Number 3 at the end her team won the first time she won a contest

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