Dalton is one of the voice actors of Shape Battle and is the voice of Strawberry. His YouTube channel is DesuUsagi (his icon is a picture of Marshmallow). Dalton voices other characters from different types of shows here’s a list of them :

Characters Voiced By HimEdit

  1. Strawberry from Shape Battle
  2. Marshmallow from Inanimate Insanity
  3. Nail from Object Havoc
  4. Magnet and Bubble Tea from Next Top Thingy


  • Dalton’s favorite character was probably Marshmallow from Inanimate Insanity having a picture of her in his YouTube icon
  • He used his Marshmallow voice to voice Strawberry a bit more babyish, this was also the case of Nail except softer than Marshmallow
  • He voiced several female characters

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